When you work with Westcoast Ministries, you get more than just the ordinary, you get an extraordinary team to work with.

Dick and Lois are one of the most diversified and multi talented married couples doing photography/videography and ceremony vows in Southwest Florida.  Dick and Lois have done over 1000 weddings and always do each wedding with a personal touch.

Dick and Lois work on the preface, that although getting married is a serious experience, it should also be fun, romantic and exciting.  The purpose of their ministry (Westcoast Ministries) is to have the opportunity to present a wedding experience to brides and grooms, of all ages and backgrounds and be able to capture the moment to give a lifetime of memories.  When Lois writes your wedding or renewal vows, she will do it in a way, that is heartfelt and has substance.  More than just words out of a book, you will have food for thought. 

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Rev. Lois Roberts delivering personalized vows at a  ceremony

Lois says;

"As soon as the bride or groom contacts me and asks me to perform their wedding ceremony... I tell them that I feel that their vows should be written, about them.. not just someone else's words, on a piece of paper, that hold little or no, real meaning to them. 
When location permits, I sit down with the couple and discuss exactly what they would like to have included in their vows. However, more often than not, as a rule, the couple prefers to email me information, that they would like to have woven into the context of their vows. i.e   How and where they met... what their first impression was of each other.. some funny or touching little thing, that may have occurred when they were dating... how and where he proposed to her.... anything that has deep meaning and is of importance to them, will be written into their vows. I always tell the couple, that the more details, they are willing to share with me.. the more meaningful and memorable their wedding ceremony will be.  
One of the things I love most.... about writing vows that contain  a real meaning, for the couple.. is after the ceremony.. when time and time again.. one of the wedding guests, has come up to me and told me that they have never heard such beautiful and personalized wedding vows in their life... In fact I still remember the first time this happened.  There was this delightful older gentleman, who must have been at least 85 years 'young'. He walked over to me, right after the ceremony and said    "I have been to more weddings in my life time, than I can count.. but until today, I had never heard such a beautiful and personal service before."  This is why, I simply love to make each and every ceremony, a very touching experience, that each couple will treasure and better yet.. they will remember .... 
When Dick and I are hired to do both video and still photos, we don't merely do a "job" together...we work together as a "team."  Because we have worked as a team for so many years,  we are able to quite literally, foresee each others every move. When Dick and I are working together, our goal is to provide the bride and groom with a memorable, end result.  We are not interested in being competitive with one another.   Unfortunately, that is not always the case when you hire a company that subcontracts the photography and video to other vendors. In this case scenario, a vendor is hired to do the video and another vendor is hired to take photos.  It is difficult, to say the least, to predict the next move, of someone you have never, or have very seldom, worked with before. Every couple wants to have a close up shot, of their expressions during the ceremony.  They want to be able to relive those precious moments, again and again when they watch their video. What they don't want to have the photographer standing between them, hovering, taking photos, during the ceremony. That is never the case when Dick is taking the photos and I am doing the video.  Just as team work is important in any good marriage... it is also very good to have a great "team" providing you with the professional service you deserve and expect." 


       Services include:

  • Destination Weddings
  • Wedding Vows
  • Renewal Vows
  • Photography
  • Videography

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Dick and Lois at a bridal show

Wedding, or renewal vows, custom written and performed just for you.

In our Lakeside Garden at our office,
or at the location of your choice.

In order to save you money, we have full packages available, which include the vows, photography and video, or any of the services individually.
Dick Roberts Studio and Video Productions
A Southwest Florida Romantic Beach WeddingTM - Westcoast Ministries
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Lois Roberts doing wedding vows.
The above photographs were taken at,

Sundial Beach Resort
Sanibel Harbour Resort and
South Seas Island Resort
These photographs were taken at,

Casa Ybel Resort
Heritage Palms Country Club
Sanibel Harbour Resort
Lighthouse Beach
Bowditch Beach
Pink Shell Resort

Dick Roberts has a degree in Fine Art and does more than just photography and videography.  He is also a Metal Artist.  
To see some of his Metal Art work click on the link below. 
Fine Art -- Someone who has perfected an activity to a very high level of skill.