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Dick Roberts Studio and Video Productions has been serving Southwest Florida since January 1987.  Before that they owned studios and businesses up north.

Dick Roberts graduated with top honors from a World Class California Fine Art and Film School and has been a working professional photographer for over thirty years.  Dick was one of the first Certified Professional Photographers (CPP) in the State of Indiana. He has not only developed his skills and career as a photographic artist but also as a photographic craftsman and technician. Prior to coming to Ft. Myers, Dick owned two portrait photographic studios in Indiana.  His primary work was photographing Family Portraits, High School Senior Portraits, and Weddings. 

Lois Roberts is an accomplished videographer; she is also an ordained minister and co-founder of Westcoast Ministries and has performed many personalized romantic weddings on the beach, at Resorts and Country Clubs and in private homes.  Lois is also the office manager and will be the person you will talk with when you call the studio. 

Dick and Lois Roberts are a husband and wife team who have a unique talent that is combined in serving the photography and imaging (motion and still) industry and they have a profound skill in working with the wedding industry through their wedding ministry.

Dick and Lois have spent many years in helping couples get the most out of their wedding day. They have the ability and knowledge to do traditional or contemporary photography and videography. Photo journalistic or classic.
The motto of Dick Roberts Studio is, "Staying On The Cutting Edge Of Technology." It has always been that way. 

Dick Roberts Studio, was the first photographic studio to offer professional digital imaging in Southwest Florida.  While other established photographic studios were arguing the point, that film would never die and that digital was nothing more than a fad that would pass, Dick Roberts Studio invested thousands of dollars in one of the first Nikon-D series cameras to come to the state of Florida.  Dick had to go to Miami to buy it.  Digital has come a long way from the original D series advancing into the DX series. Dick has bought several high end digital cameras since his first one.  Also, it is interesting to know, that all of the established studios in Southwest Florida are now using digital cameras and they seem to have misplaced their film cameras, which are now considered - the dinosaur

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Dick Roberts Studio and Video Productions
A Southwest Florida Romantic Beach WeddingTM - Westcoast Ministries
Dick Roberts takes advantage of the digital age. This video shows some of the CAD techniques, utilizing CNC to do metal art.
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