For Destination Weddings (and Vow renewals)

In order to reserve your wedding date, there is a 50% deposit on the package you select. The balance is due two weeks before the wedding.

You are responsible for purchasing your marriage licence. If you live in Florida, there is a three day waiting period, after the licence is purchased, before you can get married. But, if you live anywhere other than Florida, there is no waiting period at all.

It is very important to remember to bring your marriage licence to the wedding ceremony, because law dictates, that the person performing the service, must have the licence in his or her possession, before the ceremony can take place.

In order for me, to be able to write beautifully, personalized  vows, that are a reflection of you and your fiance. I will be more than happy to meet with you, or council with you, via the phone or email, as often as it takes  so I will have the information I need, to make your ceremony..... truly yours.

After the ceremony, I will notarize your marriage licence and mail it to the Clerk of Courts for you. They will record it and then it will be mailed directly to you, from the Clerk of Courts.

After the ceremony, you will be given a very attractively, bound copy of your vows. Your very personalized vows, will be something, that I am sure the two of you, will want to reread every year, as part of the celebration of remembering your wedding day.

Destination/Beach Wedding Package Prices
Our Specialty

Photography Only
$410.00 - One hour of photographers time.  $190.00 each additional hour.
All photos taken at your wedding are put on a CD with you having reprint rights to all photos.

Videography Only
$410.00 - One hour Videographers time.  $190.00 each additional hour.
Includes a complete edited DVD of your wedding, with a beautiful beginning put to music.
Also there will be additional highlights of the surrounding areas.

Still Photography and Video Only (does not include Officient)
$800.00 - One and a half hours total time. $220.00 each additional hour.  Everything is the same
as above, but taken at same time for one and a half hours. All of the results are the
same as above. This is truly a beautiful package and something that
will bring back memories that will last a lifetime.
The $220.00 an hour overtime includes two people.

Below are packages for the Officient. 
Some of the packages include photography and videography.

Officient -- Lois Roberts
for Vows and Renewal Vows

Package #1; $250.00
If you are thinking about having a small, no frills and very intimate setting for your wedding, I will perform your wedding ceremony in our lovely garden yard, that is located on a beautiful lake.  This includes one 4X6 photograph.

Package #2; $375.00
If a beach wedding (in Lee County) is what you have in mind, I will be happy to perform your ceremony for you, on any of our beautiful sugar white beaches. This package also includes a handsomely bound copy of your wedding vows.

Package 3# $495.00
Includes one hour of additional time, to attend your rehearsal the night before the wedding. This is of course, in addition to my being with you, for up to one hour, on your wedding day, to perform the ceremony. This package also includes, a handsomely bound copy of your personalized  vows.

Package #4;  $595.00   (Vows plus photographs or video)
This is a very popular one hour package that includes the personalized ceremony vows,
plus your choice of either a custom designed CD, with professionally taken photographs ... along with reprint rights, so that you can have prints made when you get home and the ability
to have as many prints made, for family as friends as you wish;
or a beautiful, professionally edited, video presented to you on a DVD . 

(If chosing to have the photography, For an additional $200.00,
you will be able to select twenty of your favorite pictures and they will be retouched
and enhanced and then presented to you in a beautiful album.)

Package #5; $910.00
(Vows, plus all photos on a CD with reprint rights and a DVD movie)
This is definitely our most popular package. My husband and I work together as a team, to provide you with vows that will hold special meaning for you, in addition to a CD, with lots of great professional photographs, and best of all, a beautifully professional edited DVD, with dubbed in music, that will allow you to literally relive your special day, over and over again throughout the years.  This package is for one and a half hours and is the ultimate in having memories that will last forever.  Memories that you can share with your family and friends after you are back home. 

(For an additional $100.00, you will be able to select twenty of your favorite pictures
and they will be retouched and enhanced and then presented to you in a beautiful album.)

Package #6;
(Fully personalized and designed with YOU in mind)
If by chance, you feel that none of the above packages, are exactly what you have in mind,
we will more than be happy to discuss your "wants," as well as "your budget"
and design the perfect, package just for you

Additional time is charged at $220.00 per hour, or $135.00 per half hour, for two people.
$190.00 per hour and $90.00 per half hour, for one person.

* There will be an additional charge for mileage, if your wedding takes place outside of Lee County.

Traditional Church Weddings and Reception Packages
Photography and/or Videography

Traditional Wedding package prices run from $1,100.00 to $7,000.00. 
Call the studio and talk with Lois about our traditional packages.
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