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Dick Roberts was attending a religious University and studying for the ministry in the early 1960's. He was a student leader, at the University and in charge of groups that would leave campus, to minister to the community, as well as serving as student Dean of Men (RA) to the men's dormitory, and in charge of hundreds of male students. It was during this time, that Dick met and worked with the University yearbook photographer. After much prayer and counseling with faculty members in the Theology department, Dick made the decision that living the life of a minister was not what he thought he would do for the rest of his life. He was advised by Theologians that "Heaven will not have only ministers, and that to use the talent that God gave us, and being a good layman, would also be a worth while cause for a purpose of life." After several years of studying Theology, as well as undergraduate curriculum, at the University, Dick transferred his credit hours and spent the next three and a half years attending a full time study of fine art with a major in photography at a leading California art and film school. While in California Dick continued to work in his field of religion, with the local church as a youth leader and in the music ministry.

After graduation from the fine art school, Dick worked with photography companies in several states. He held positions from photographer, to regional manager of large photographic companies. In 1974 Dick signed on for a tour to go to South America and do a movie on the Amazon River. In 1976 Dick opened his own studio in Indiana, and in the eleven years he was in business there, he opened a second studio, twenty miles from the first one, and then a one hour lab, a video rental store, and a tuxedo shop. Dick Roberts Studio, in Indiana, did a primary business of family portraits, high school seniors, and weddings.  The logic behind these multiple businesses was this.  Dick bought a one hour processor, so that he could develop the film before the students left his studio and then he could have their previews ready the next day.  The video rental store was so that his clients could rent a movie and return it the next day, when they picked up their previews and of course the tuxedo shop, was because Dick Roberts Studio photographed a lot of weddings and high school proms, plus the fact that one of his studios was directly across the street from a bridal shop.  Dick Roberts Studio had a special offer for students who rented a tuxedo from his shop.  He would give a coupon that was good for two 5X7 photographs of the guy and his date on the night of their prom. 

During the years after graduating with a BA degree, Dick continued his education by going to seminars and taking continuing education classes.

Dick Roberts Studio and Video Productions, has been in Southwest Florida since January 1987, doing high end weddings. Over the years, Dick was photographing an average of 60 large weddings a year and never left Lee County. Several years ago Dick started to do small destination weddings during the week and then large weddings on weekends. It was during those years that he saw a need for someone who could perform weddings, that were civil/nondenominational and personal. Over the years Dick had become an Ordained Minister, but the main thing was when his wife, Lois Roberts, studied and became Ordained as well. (Dick and Lois are both licensed and have the authority to perform all standard Christian services as well as the rites of marriage and baptism.) Lois had been doing all of the video for the studio and was ready, to take on the obligation and responsibility of doing all of the wedding vows, at destination weddings performed by Dick Roberts Studio.

In the year 2000, Dick and Lois, together, founded Westcoast Ministries; a nondenominational wedding ministry, dedicated to performing wedding vows for the more particular clients, who want a personal touch and to have a loving, lifetime memory of their experience, while getting married on the beautiful, lush, tropical beaches in Southwest Florida.
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